Robert A. Floyd, PhD

Dr. Robert A. Floyd, Ph.D., is head of  OMRF’s Experimental Therapeutics Research Program,  which focuses on new discoveries in biomedical research and their role in the development of novel therapeutic approaches for treating important human diseases. At this critical interface, which is often underserved in the biomedical research arena, researchers can pose creative new scientific questions and conduct experiments to evaluate if novel therapeutics can arise. With over 20 years of experience working in both basic biomedical science and the development of novel therapeutics, the scientists in this program have helped to develop agents to effectively photo-inactivate important RNA viruses, including HIV and West Nile viruses. Their research also has led to the discovery that nitrones are effective in preventing brain damage caused by stroke in experimental animals. As a result of these discoveries, specific nitrones underwent 12 years of commercial development—leading to Phase III clinical trials—for the treatment of stroke. Current research projects focus on specific nitrones for the treatment of cancers and the mechanistic basis of their anti-cancer activity. Specifically, these experiments center on developing novel therapeutics for cancers, including glioblastoma and pancreatic cancer, where no effective therapeutics now exist.

Dr. Floyd’s education includes a B.S., University of Kentucky, 1963; M.S., University of Kentucky, 1965; Ph.D., Purdue University, 1969; and Post-doctoral studies, University of California at Davis, 1968-69, and University of Pennsylvania, 1969-71.  His honors and awards include the 1991 Glenn Foundation Award for Medical Research; serving as Member, Basic Biological Research Panel, National Task Force on the NIH Strategic Plan (1992); Fellow of the Oxygen Society (1994); Member, Executive Committee of the Oklahoma Center for Neurosciences (1995); Top Research Award and Gold Medal, American Aging Association (1996); Member, Strategic Planning Committee of 5-Year Plan for NIEHS (2005); and the Discovery Award, Society for Free Radical Biology and Medicine (2007).  His other activities include service on editorial boards of numerous scientific journals; faculty for courses at the University of Oklahoma School of Medicine; review panels and committees for the National Institutes of Health, American Cancer Society and others; co-founder and Board Member of Centaur Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; serves as Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board; and serves as Vice President of Development, Onconos, LLC.

Dr. Floyd  was  a founding member of the Board of The Sickle Cell Cure Foundation, Inc., and served as SCCF’s first Vice-President.  He remains as a valued adviser in matters relating to commercialization and delivery of SCCF’s proprietary treatments for sickle cell disease.