Ethical Treatment of Children with Sickle Cell Disease

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 200,000 African infants are born annually with sickle cell. Nigeria accounts for about three quarters of these babies and there are about 100,000 infant sickle cell deaths in Nigeria each year. Afiniki Akanet was born in Kaduna, Nigeria. Although her parents and siblings are not affected by the […]

Dr. Broyles’ Sickle Cell Quest profiled by Jim Stafford

The Daily Oklahoman has published a synopsis of the events leading to the formation of the Sickle Cell Cure Foundation written by science writer Jim Stafford. The August 17, 2014 article provides a quick overview of Dr. Broyles’ quest to develop a cure to sickle cell disease.

Many Concerted Efforts to Tackle Sickle-cell Disease

We at the Sickle Cell Cure Foundation are excited to be part of a group of researchers around the world racing to develop new, more effective treatments for sickle-cell disease. We participate and share within the global community through attendance at scientific conferences and correspondence. People outside the research community can learn about the progress […]

Working Relationships with EpimedX, LLC

The Sickle Cell Cure Foundation (SCCF) has a strong working relationship with EpimedX, LLC, a biotechnology company formed in collaboration with the SCCF to bring our treatment into clinical use worldwide. The SCCF leases the space and owns the laboratory equipment where scientific research for the treatment is sickle-cell disease is conducted. EpimedX has the […]

1st Annual Sickle-cell 5K Event

Jog, Run, or Walk for a Cure! sponsored by: The SCCF encourages participation in this Oklahoma City awareness and fund raiser event on Saturday, August 2, 2014. The event is sponsored by the non-profit Supporters of Families with Sickle Cell Disease and they welcome sufferers, families, health-care providers, and supporters. Help may consist of sponsorship, […]

Accomplishments in 2013

The SCCF and EpimedX, LLC together developed relationships with additional partners. The international company that manufactures the chemical used in our treatment has provided over $300,000. to further our research. In mid year, Analytical Edge Laboratories, also located in the University of Oklahoma Health Science Center Research Park (formerly Presbyterian Health Foundation Research Park) agreed […]

Dr. Broyles discusses the plan to cure sickle cell disease.

Tribute to Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela recently left this world, but before passing he enriched us as few have done before. Here at the Sickle Cell Cure Foundation, we are inspired and rededicated by his wisdom. His right thoughts and actions are a lesson to us all, however the following four quotations bear particular relevance to our work, and […]

Artistic Fundraiser

A supporter in Bryantown, Maryland implemented a novel method for assisting the Sickle Cell Cure Foundation.  She designed this plate recognizing the work of the Foundation.  The plate was auctioned and the proceeds donated to the Foundation.  Thank you!

A day in the life…

The day begins with muted anticipation.  Once each week, veterinarians examine carefully the health of each of the study baboons.   These examinations check of overall health as well as look for physical effects of the study medication.  This hours-long process includes collection of a small amount of blood that is relayed to other scientists who […]