Accomplishments in 2013

  • The SCCF and EpimedX, LLC together developed relationships with additional partners.

    • The international company that manufactures the chemical used in our treatment has provided over $300,000. to further our research.
    • In mid year, Analytical Edge Laboratories, also located in the University of Oklahoma Health Science Center Research Park (formerly Presbyterian Health Foundation Research Park) agreed to provide specialized contract analytical work for the SCCF and EpimedX. Analytical Edge Laboratories conducted experiments showing shelf stability of the proposed orally administered product.

  • Multiple studies with baboons were conducted that produced several significant outcomes.

    • The bioavailability of orally administered treatment is good (compared to intravenous treatment) and is rapidly integrated into the blood. This implies that intravenous treatment will be unnecessary and an oral dosage may be therapeutic in humans.
    • Different oral dosages were administered over multiple baseline periods and blood count, weight, and blood enzymes were measured. These data provide strong evidence of the safety of the proposed treatment.

  • Studies with transgenic mice (with human globin genes) yielded important results.

    • Intravenous as well as oral treatment of mice from collaborator Dr. Marie Trudel, Director of Molecular Genetics and Development / Director of Cancer Division, Institute ofr Medical Research, Montreal, Canada was found to significantly increase fetal hemoglobin (HbF) levels, which would reduce sickle-cell crisis. .
    • Additional mouse studies were conducted comparing intravenous with orally administrated treatments. The data from mice correlated strongly with the baboon data for bioavailability and assimilation by the body.
      Daily oral dosage for two weeks produced stable concentrations of the product in the blood plasma of transgenic mice.

  • Attendance and Presentations at Professional Meetings to share and discuss the latest research.

    • Dr. Broyles presented two posters @ International BioIron Society in London, England, April 17-18.
    • Dr. Broyles presented a poster at the East to West Cost Iron Club meeting in Ann Arbor, MD, October 25.
    • Dr. Broyles attended the 55th American Society of Hematology meeting, Dec. 7-10, New Orleans, LA.
    • Dr. Floyd attended the BIO International meeting, April 22-25, Chicago, IL.
    • Dr. Floyd presented a poster at the Free Radical Biology and Aging meeting, November 20-24, San Antonio, TX.

  • SCCF employee Austin Roth upgraded the High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) blood-analysis instrument to improve function, provide greater reliability, and simplify usage.

  • The web site for the SCCF was updated.

    • The entire web site was moved to a new web-hosting facility by Danny Smith.
    • Jonathon Scott, retired from the USGS, began volunteer work maintaining the web site and authoring articles.
    • The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section of the web site was revised extensively.
    • The Donor Hall of Fame was updated with many donors and a map showing locations of US contributors.


  1. Good morning, this was lasted updated in June 2014. it is now January 2016, are there any new breakthroughs? Where is SCCF as far as starting clinical trials in humans? I have been following Dr. Broyles and this organization for years, and am very excited about the possibilities!


  2. My apologies, i just saw an update on April 2015 about the 2014 Accomplishments. but my previous question remains, when is it projected to begin clinical trials in humans (with full understanding that funding is the key)?


    • Jonathon Scott says

      Here are links to our last three annual status reports for people having trouble finding them. I (the volunteer webmaster) may attempt to reorganize the site to make things easier in the future. We hope to report on 2015 in the subsequent months, including future testing plans.

  3. Thank you for your response. I look forwarding to seeing the 2015 report and future testing plans.

    God bless,

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