Corporate Partners

partnersExecutive Summaries (outlines) of “More Than Non-Profit”, “Non-Lucratif et Encore”, and “Beyond For-Profit Only” versions of our Business Plans are attached below. The full Business Plans (in three versions) are attached as PDFs below the Executive Summaries. Certified copies will be sent to entities or individuals who respond to our RFPP (Request for Proposals to Partner) and meet our criteria for serious consideration as partners in our global mission.

More Than Non-Profit.pdf Non-Lucratif et Encore.pdf Beyond For-Profit Only.pdf
BP More Than Non-Profit.pdf BP Abridged 08-19-08.pdf BP Beyond For-Profit Only.pdf


  1. Mr. Samuel says

    want to partner with your foundation to bring this your good work to my people in nigeria. kindly send to my email the criteria for partnership consideration

    • broylesr says

      Dear Mr. Samuel,

      Thank you for your offer. We are not ready to partner yet. Please keep in touch; when the time comes, your help can make a difference.

      Robert H. Broyles, PhD
      President, SCCF

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