Frequently Asked Questions by donors and supporters

Questions from donors and supporters

What do you call your cure?

Our patents fall under the title for the first one that we submitted: “Gene Regulation Therapy Involving Ferritin.”

What are the costs associated with carrying our your plan to treating sickle-cell and related diseases?

The next cost hurdle is for further experiments to show that our cure is safe in animals and, in the same experiments, show that our ways of delivering the cure (as an injection or as a pill) will work in animals. This is also an expensive step on the way to clinical application. But it is an essential step before clinical trials in humans can be started.


Is your cure patented?

Yes, patents have been granted to us and issued in the United States (7517669 and 7718699), and the European Union (25 EU countries): EP1354032B1, and Australia: AU2002217964.

Why are patents necessary?

Patents are necessary to give a pharmaceutical company an exclusive license; otherwise, they will not invest in clinical trials and further developments necessary to bring a treatment to market and, therefore, to clinics to treat patients. Thus, we need to get over this “cost” hurdle to get our treatment to the bedside.

However, we are also considering partnerships with other globally active non-profits as a means of funding the world-wide distribution of our cure for SCD. In this case, patents may still be required in some countries, depending on how manufacuring and distribution of the medicine is handled.

Does SCCF’s cure require gene therapy?

No. We call our approach to curing sickle cell gene regulation therapy, and the result is called a phenotypic cure. That is to say that no genes are permanently altered; instead, we use normal bodily signals to turn off the sickle cell and activate another gene with the same function in its place.


How may I donate to the SCCF efforts?

Donations (as personal checks) may be sent to:
The Sickle Cell Cure Foundation, Inc.
212 ½ NW 20th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73103
Click here (or use the button at the upper right of SCCF’s home page) to make a donation using PayPal and a credit- or debit-card. More information may be found at this SCCF page or by telephoning (405) 922-5774.

Is the SCCF recognized as a legitimate agency?

Yes, The Sickle Cell Cure Foundation, Inc. (SCCF) has a federal tax I.d. number, is registered in the State of Oklahoma as a Nonprofit Corporation, and has received 501(C(3) status from the IRS. Thus, all donations are tax-deductible. Donors receive a receipt that can be used for tax purposes.