Effects of the Afforable Care Act for Sickle-cell Families

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Sickle-cell sufferers in the United States and their immediate family members in many instances can expect a greatly improved quality of life as a result of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This is the second of three articles describing how the ACA affects families with sickle cell disease.

The ability to obtain affordable expert medical care will lead to an immediate improvement in sickle-cell patients. These caregivers can provide treatments and therapies that will help patients to reduce the frequency of crises and to reduce the pain of the disease. By developing a trusting relationship with a professional team, sickle-cell families can obtain expert advice on child-rearing & life-style options, and consequently reduce reliance of unproven therapies.

Overall, families may experience less stress due to worry about proper treatment and paying for medical costs; and over the long term they can expect an increased life expectancy. With hard work and some monetary investments, hopefully some day soon our work at the Sickle Cell Cure Foundation will result in a treatment that is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and covered by ACA health plans in all states.


  1. udim peters says

    I have a child about six years and nine months, this crisis comes with pains and how could this pains be managed

    • Jonathon Scott says

      Please understand that any advice you get from us is no substitute for expert medical attention. See your doctor. We have published some general guidance for families attempting to understand and manage painful sickle-cell episodes. You can find that guidance in the frequently asked questions section of the web site, and the question regarding pain management is here: http://sicklecellcurefoundation.org/faq#pain

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