The Sickle Cell Cure Foundation Receives $100,000 Grand Challenges Explorations Grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for Innovative Global Health Research

The Sickle Cell Cure Foundation, Inc. (SCCF), announced today that it has received a US$100,000 Grand Challenges Explorations grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The grant will support an innovative global health research project conducted by Robert H. Broyles, Ph.D., SCCF President, titled “Malaria Stopped by a Human Protein Therapeutic.”

Dr. Broyles’ project is one of 78 grants announced by the Gates Foundation in the fourth funding round of Grand Challenges Explorations, an initiative to help scientists around the world explore bold and largely unproven ways to improve health in developing countries. The grants were provided to scientists in 18 countries on six continents.

To receive funding, Dr. Broyles showed in a two-page application how his idea falls outside current scientific paradigms and might lead to significant advances in global health. The initiative is highly competitive, receiving almost 2,700 proposals in this round.

The research of Dr. Broyles and The Sickle Cell Cure Foundation, Inc., of Oklahoma City. will build on the recent discovery that elevated fetal hemoglobin (HbF), which alleviates sickle cell disease, can also confer malaria resistance. Broyles and his team will test the ability of a stable human protein to reactivate a silent gene that encodes for HbF, making red blood cells inhospitable to malaria parasites. If successful, the idea is to target the therapy in the host to reduce malaria infections.
Dr. Broyles earned the Ph.D. degree in biochemistry from Wake Forest University Medical Center, Winston-Salem, N.C., did postdoctoral research at Florida State University, has held faculty positions at the University of Wisconsin -Milwaukee and the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, and has served as a visiting research scientist at the National Institutes of Health, the Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory, and the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation. In 2006, Dr. Broyles founded The Sickle Cell Cure Foundation, Inc. (SCCF), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit research foundation dedicated to a universal cure for sickle cell and related diseases.
“We have discovered a way of shutting off the sickle cell gene and reactivating a fetal hemoglobin gene in its place, a switch known to stop all the bad, deadly manifestations of SCD,” says Broyles. “The realization that this same manipulation will make people resistant to malaria is even more exciting.”

“The winners of these grants show the bold thinking we need to tackle some of the world’s greatest health challenges,” said Dr. Tachi Yamada, president of the Gates Foundation’s Global Health Program. “I’m excited about their ideas and look forward to seeing some of these exploratory projects turn into life-saving breakthroughs.”

About Grand Challenges Explorations

Grand Challenges Explorations is a five-year, $100 million initiative of the Gates Foundation to promote innovation in global health. The program uses an agile, streamlined grant process – applications are limited to two pages, and preliminary data are not required. Proposals are reviewed and selected by a committee of foundation staff and external experts, and grant decisions are made within approximately three months of the close of the funding round.

Applications for the current round of Grand Challenges Explorations are being accepted through May 19, 2010. Grant application instructions, including the list of topics for which proposals are currently being accepted, are available at


  1. Great News!

  2. Iman Ekong says

    i have sickle cell anemia and i have lived with it for 28yrs.there is little or no support or advocacy group in Nigeria.can your group come to our aid be our voice in Nigeria.This is such good job you are doing keep it up

    • Dear Iman Ekong,

      I am sorry to take so long to answer. We are a research foundation; and this is the first year in our 4 1/2-year existance that our research has received significant funding, thanks to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. So, I have been spending most of my time in the lab. Our animal trials in mice got underway November 1, 2010. We hope to start clinical trials in humans with sickle cell within this year (2011), and one of the places we would like to start trials is Nigeria. We will need people like you to form support groups while we concentrate on delivery of the medicines. I hope that you continue to be as healthy as possible with the sickle cell until better treatments arrive. Thank you very much for your praise and interest.

      Robert H. Broyles, PhD
      SCCF President

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    • Your Excellency Madavi L K, President, Mulnivasi Mukti Manch, Nagpur,

      Thank you very much for your long letter and the description of the terrible conditions for sickle cell sufferers there. The best thing that we can do for you and them, the only thing that we can offer, is to push the development of our treatments as fast as possible, and do everything that we can, when the time comes, to make them available to you and the people you describe.

      We are not a grant-making foundation; we are a research foundation. Thus, we have no funds to give out … we, ourselves, must apply to others for grants to support our research. This is very hard since there is very little funding available for sickle cell. We, the Sickle Cell Cure Foundation, are very fortunate to have received a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. We are working hard to be in a position to apply for and receive the next level of funding from the Gates Foundation because the additional funding will allow us to begin clinical trials for malaria and sickle cell including sites in Africa, India, and elsewhere.

      I am sorry to be so long in answering. I have been spending almost all of my time in the laboratory, working on the cure, which is where I should be, where I can do the most good.

      Thank you again for your message. Please, please keep us informed of your situation. We wish you the very best.

      Robert H. Broyles, PhD
      SCCF President.

  4. Derek Smart says

    Good day ,

    Will some please call me on this issue of sickle cell. i have good news. my daughter is healed. no more pains and swollen limbs. my nmber is 23233463604. I would like us to share this meaningful medicatication. Or email or


  5. Dear Dr Broyles,

    I was searching the web the other day for potential funding sources for sickle cell research in Sierra Leone, when I came upon the announcement that your organization had won one of the $100,000 Grand Challenges Awards given by the Gates Foundation. I want to congratulate you on the award and on the success of such a brilliant idea in eliciting funds.

    As it happens, the idea is one we ourselves have been contemplating for a couple of years or so and had, in fact, submitted applications entitled “Potential role of HBF as a modifier of malaria severity in infants & Children” to both the NIH and the Gates Foundation in June and December 2009, respectively. Unfortunately we were not successful with either agency. However, it is gratifying that, in your case, a similar idea is now in the exploration phase, and I wish you all the best in this work.

    What we had intended to do and still intend is to examine, at the clinical level, the quantum at which blood HbF begins to provide protection against malaria beyond the age of one year when HbF levels should have declined to their stable minimum values. Such a study should provide data that would be complimentary to your lab research.

    The reason that I write to you is to seek potential collaboration, since Sierra Leone provides a natural laboratory in which the effect of HbF can be probed, and that if at any stage, you require field studies, it would be our pleasure to welcome your group.

    Please visit our website if you have a moment.

    Yours sincerely,

    George T Roberts, MB BS, FRCPC (Hematologist)
    Chairman, Sierra Leone Sickle Cell Disease Society

    • Dear Dr. Roberts,
      I replied to your letter through your personal email. I wish to say here that we are very ninterested in working with you. We hope to start our human clinical trials by mid-2012. Please keep in touch and write to meat my personal email attached to this Comment Reply.
      Many thanks,
      Robert H. Broyles, PhD
      SCCF President/Lead Scientist

  6. Dear Sir,
    myself one of the research student in haemoglobinopathy.
    this is great news for me and my research group.

    Yours faithfully
    University of Pune.

    • Dear Ramnath,
      Thank you very much for your comment and encouragement. I also hope that your research is going well. Please check our website every few months. And let me know how your research is going.
      All the best,
      Robert H. Broyles, PhD
      SCCF President/Lead Scientist

  7. hello dr broylesr,
    i am very happy with the work you are doing…. and i am also glad you selected nigeria as one of the sites for your clinical trials as we have the largest prevalence of sickle cell sufferers globally. we run an advocacay and support group on sickle cell disease in nigeria, omega-cares foundation and we will be willing to partner with you when the time comes. more power to your elbow as you continue this humanitarian work.
    kind regards,

  8. I really hope someday the cure will be found.
    I only have the trait but both my brothers have SCD. It has been really sad to see both most of their lives in hospitals. My youngest brother has now lost one of his eye sight, He is only 22 years old. I would give anything to help cure them,I’ve read about bone marrow transplant but we can’t afford any sort of surgery. We only hope for the best. If it happens and they are able to get the cure it can prevent future sadness and hardship in families. I will pray for this to happen.

  9. Dear Dr Robert H Broyles,

    Thank you again for the great work you and The Sickle Cell Cure Foundation are doing. I was on your website and see that you will be starting the ” Human Clinical Trials” very soon, let me give you my congratulations for being at this point already in such a short time. As you knew it already, i am a 28 years old man, living in Haiti and suffer with the sickle cell anemia. I would like to be part of the progress of your research, i know many people here suffering the sickle cell disease and can create a group to help.

    Please write me back and provide me with information about how i can be part of this.



    • broylesr says

      Dear David,

      Thank you for your message. I wish that we were starting clinical trials very soon; but it will still be more than a year away, maybe longer. Why? Lack of funding which slows progress. And it also takes time and money to go through the process of regulatory approvals. I know that sickle cell is a big problem in Haiti. Please do not lose hope.

      All the best,

  10. Greetings, Dr. Boyle. i had contacted you before on this site. keep on he good work. i heard at a time in the news that a particular coffee bean could turn blood group B to blood group O. is this true please? if its true , could the some research be done to find out what can change genotype too. i sincerely pray for a breakthru in sickle cell. its really a teribble ailment. i would gladly volunteer in any help i can offer in the research even for free.
    Thank you.

    • broylesr says

      Dear Sade, thank you for your message and encouragement. There is no treatment or food or drink that can change your blood group or blood type. The only way to change a genotpye would be gene therapy which is still not possible as a treatment and would be very expensive even if it were available. Our approach does not change the genes but aims at keeping the sickle gene silent with another gene being expressed in its place.

  11. I am excited about the research. I can not wait to see the results as this will be good news especially for malaria endemic countries like Uganda where sickle cell disease is more prevalent.

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