Dr. Broyles’ Sickle Cell Quest profiled by Jim Stafford

photograph of Dr. Robert Broyles, SCCF President

Dr. Robert Broyles, SCCF President

The Daily Oklahoman has published a synopsis of the events leading to the formation of the Sickle Cell Cure Foundation written by science writer Jim Stafford. The August 17, 2014 article provides a quick overview of Dr. Broyles’ quest to develop a cure to sickle cell disease.


  1. LaToya Kelly says:

    Hi my name is LaToya. My daughter Nevaeh Perry has Sickle Cell SS. She’s sick a lot and praying sometimes isn’t enough. I wish I could take all her pain away. I’m looking for a cure for my babygirl, although she’s only 11. I’m scared and most of the time I don’t know what to do. Please what advice can you give on the bone marrow transplant?

  2. I have not seen nor heard of recent update about the clinical trials of the Gene Regulatory Therapy cure of SCD. Could the updates be published, please?

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