Eradicating a Deadly Disease Through Science, Love and Music.

Article by Laura Jenney
Of Mindsweep Entertainment & Promotions
Jacksonville, FL

The arrival of the year 2010 is an exciting time indeed! Not only are we embracing the beginning of a brand new year, but a brand new decade as well. It’s a time of great possibilities and full of promise. A time of new beginnings, as we say goodbye to things of the past while ridding ourselves of the negative effects of old habits, patterns and thinking; and embark upon ‘the bold new NOW’, with great determination to better and/or to reinvent ourselves, to strive to be THE BEST we can be; be THE MOST we can be; progressing forward towards the attainment of our dreams and goals, and striving to arrive at our ultimate state of Zen in 2010. …In doing so, not only on an individual level, but on a community, national and global level as well, we are in fact, casting the mold of our tomorrows.

We are off to an excellent start, as you can now add to your list of New Year’s resolutions that while having an absolute blast this year while doing so, YOU can help eradicate a deadly disease off the face of the planet in the process! …Now I know some of you are probably thinking at this point that “Ms. Laura has worked with ONE TOO MANY rock stars in 2009,” but it’s the truth! (…About the eradicating a deadly disease thing anyway.) Allow me enlighten you to the details…

Via the hard work, dedication, and deep compassion of two absolutely brilliant men, Doctor and esteemed Bio Chemist Robert H. Broyles and Musician/Songwriter, Promoter, Talk Show Host, Radio Personality J. R. Perry III, an immense amount of suffering worldwide can be eliminated this year by the eradication of the deadly disease Sickle Cell Anemia for which Dr. Robert H. Broyles HAS THE CURE; and by which J. R. Perry is helping to raise the funding, (and awareness), needed to get this cure to those who need it, (and to hasten the process of doing so), via organizing a series of super dynamic concerts worldwide, featuring renowned and/or legendary acts in every genre imaginable.

(Dr. Robert H. Broyles left, J. R. Perry right.)

Dr. Robert H. Broyles, who is the Founder and President of The Sickle Cell Cure Foundation, and has discovered/developed a cure for the disease via primarily the utilization of Gene Regulation Therapy, and has secured and obtained the US patent for this proven way it would work on April, 14, 2009.

(Though Dr. Robert H. Broyles actually discovered a way in which the cure would work as early as 2006; though getting it into the hands of those who need it is an extremely slow moving and arduous task, largely due to the extreme amount of bureaucratic ‘red tape’ involved in the process.)

SCCF’s patents in Australia, and the European Union, (France, Germany, and Greece), are also already secured and maintained through Dr. Broyles’ outstanding work to not only end this deadly disease, but quite possibly Parkinson’s Disease and other diseases as well, through Gene Regulation Therapy and Iron Management.

Not only is Doctor Robert H. Broyles an incredibly brilliant scientist, (one of the Principal Investigative Scientists in the field of Gene Regulation Therapy for Sickle Cell Disease, with over thirty-five years of research experience to add to his extraordinarily impressive and numerous credits), Dr. Broyles is an extremely kind man of sincere and deep care and compassion for those he has dedicated his life to heal. ‘Doctor Bob,’ (as I have nick named him out of my ultimate respect and admiration for him as both a scientist and as a great individual), shares an example of the many e-mails from people all around the world, which greatly moves Dr. Broyles, and serves as his driving force for doing the amazing and outstanding work that he does. Here is one example of the many e-mails in which Dr. Robert Broyles receives regularly: “Please, I beg you in the name of the most high-grade God. How do I access the cure? This pain is too much. Please don’t let me die. Please.” Needless to say, Dr. Robert H. Broyles is not only a man of exceptional mind, but also a man of exceptional heart and soul as well, for the work he has done and continues to do with great determination and dedication; which in my opinion, is worthy of a Nobel Prize. I would also like to add that out of the many renowned stars that I have worked with over the years as a PR, Press and Media Relations Specialist, (mostly in the music industry, though I have also written for/about a number of high profile, US political figures as well), I have to say that Dr. Robert H. Broyles is indeed THE brightest shining true ‘superstar’ I have ever had the pleasure of working with thus far!

Another great man of uncommon valor and brilliance in his own fields of expertise who is working hard to bring this cure, (and expedite the process of doing so), to those in need of it is J. R. Perry III; who is in the process of organizing a series of multi-artist concerts worldwide to both, generate funding and awareness concerning this deadly disease.

Because, (to spite misconceptions), Sickle Cell Anemia is a disease that effects people of ALL races, in all countries, and of all social economic status, renowned Promoter and long time Sickle Cell Disease Activist, J. R. Perry’s exciting concert tour, (“The Cure Every Cell Tour”), will feature a dynamic array of outstanding artists from every genre imaginable to strategically generate as much ‘broad audience appeal’ as possible to both educate, (on a very large scale), about this deadly and extremely painful disease, dispel the many misconceptions concerning this disease, and to raise the necessary funding to complete the final stages of clinical trials required, (by the medical regulations in the US), before making this cure available to patients within the US. (Though notably, Dr. Broyles’ procedural cure is currently already available outside of the US in a number of other countries.)

J. R. Perry’s dedicated involvement as both a Sickle Cell Disease Awareness Activist and his hard work and effort at organizing a massive world tour to combat this disease and bring forth the cure is nothing less of a labor of love. J. R. Perry’s own ten year old son Jameel suffers from Sickle Cell Disease, and has already endured a stroke, (at age 9), and has to receive regular blood transfusions, suffers chronic pain, as well as has a potentially life threatening compromised immune system because of this disease.


Ten year old, Jameel Perry, son of J. R. Perry III.

Ten year old, Jameel Perry, son of J. R. Perry III.

Though we are at the beginning phases of organizing this historic ‘tour for the cure’, amongst the first outstanding artists to join this effort includes blues, R&B and jazz legend Chick Willis, (, sizzling Latin/salsa sensations Orquesta Fiesta, (, jam’s absolutely smoking and super fast rising band Bodhi, (, and prolific Vocalist Dan Shafer, (known for his work with a number of renowned bands such as Mercenary, featuring Rusty DAddio of Ronnie James Dio and Richie Blackmore); and well renowned for his work in numerous commercials, and is the Executive Producer of The Rock & Load Show, amongst Dan’s immense and impressive list of professional credits; ( And most recently, joining in this effort will be world renowned Latin and jazz recording artist Eddie Benitez. (

More respected artists will be listed in upcoming press releases as they come aboard on this project: as we at Mindsweep Entertainment & Promotions are embarking on a massive PR, press and media, (and cross promotional), campaign to further promote this very important, life saving and history changing tour, (and as a promotions ‘perk’ for the artists, sponsors and to everyone associated with this tour, as a token of our sincere and immense amount of appreciation for their involvement and help): and of course, to keep everyone updated on upcoming concert dates, the artists involved, upcoming TV and radio appearances and news concerning this tour. J. R. Perry III incidentally, is also the Owner of Love Drop Radio, where artists involved with this tour will be featured as guests on Love Drop Radio’s esteemed programming to further promote this noble cause.

Renowned artists that would like to add extra concert dates to their 2010 concert schedule while helping to eradicate this deadly disease in the process by getting involved can do so by contacting me, Laura Jenney at any of the following e-mail addresses:, or, or by calling 904-378-8357. (The e-mail address always gets seen and answered the quickest.)

Concert venues and corporate sponsors that would like to get involved with this phenomenal opportunity and make a huge humanitarian difference via this project and vital cause, please contact J. R. Perry III by e-mail at or myself at (Sponsorship incentives are absolutely exceptional and unbeatable, I might add!)

For more information about the outstanding work that Dr. Robert H. Broyles and all of those at work at The Sickle Cell Cure Foundation are doing, please visit their web site at .

To make a much needed and appreciated donation to help bring forth the cure and to wipe Sickle Cell Disease, (and quite possibly other diseases as well), donations can be made by:

  • Clicking on the gold Donate button on the upper right hand side of this webpage, and use a credit card through PayPal; Or…
  • Send a check addressed to:
    The Sickle Cell Cure Foundation
    601 NW 13th Street
    Oklahoma City , OK 73103.

The Sickle Cell Cure Foundation Inc., or (SCCF), is a nonprofit corporation registered in the State of Oklahoma. It’s 501(C) (3) status has been approved by the Internal Revenue Service of the United States as of February 12, 2007; and all donations are tax deductible.

And that’s how YOU TOO can help eradicate the deadly disease Sickle Cell Anemia off the face of the planet while having an absolute blast doing so, simply by attending a concert on the “The Cure Every Cell Tour” coming to a concert venue near you very soon! Now isn’t that an absolutely GREAT resolution to start out a New Year and decade? …I’m talking WAAAAY more fun than trying to quit bad habits, dieting and exercise!

The End.


  1. Derek Smart says


    My daughter is 7 years now and she was suffering from sickler cell disease. I meas SS. Several test have been done to know the type. recently i came accross one man who told me he has the medication for sickler cell. I was happy because i know what it means to my daughters health. I did all he told me to do and i am now happy seeing my daughter playing again. She was always absent from school and always ill. I thank GOD that my daughter has been cured by his mercy. She has stopped taking (bico and folic Acid) and its been over three months she has not fallen sick. After the medications her body is normal by what i see. I am continuing to take a closer look at her for the next three months before i send my last comment. I am in sierra leone west africa. If you are intrested please call me on 23233463604 or email I will be glad to answer to all questions about my daughter health. Please note the treatment takes about five minutes. Its sound impossible but i tried it and it is working for my daughter.


    • Dear Derek Smart,
      Thank you for your two messages (2010/05/18 and 2010/06/15). I am glad that your daughter is doing so well, and I would like to know more about the treatment that you feel helped your daughter.
      I hope that she continues to do well. Please let me know through these comments or by direct email to All the best,

  2. Robinette Brown says

    I have a 7 year old son who has this lifechanging desease . He just got out of the hosp. today. he has been going to through pain and suffering since he was 3months old. i was so happy to tell him that a cure has been found in his lifetime. my main prayer is that the cure reaches him before it is to late.we live in a small town called Hiawatha Ks. and we drive from home to K.U.Med. center(1.5 hrs. away from our home) when my son gets sick. I get so frustrated because our medical personel are not educated or qualified enough for us to stay in our own town when he is in crisis and to top it off ,he is in pain the whole ride. please help us get the cure.and thank the LORD for Dr. Charles Broyles and his dedication to all of us who need a cure.

    • Dear Robinette Brown,

      Thank you very much for writing, and please forgive me for taking so long to answer. May 1, 2010, we (the SCCF) received a grant from the Bill & Melinda gates Foundation. Since that time, I have been spending almost all of my time in the laboratory, working on the cure – including animal trials in mice that are currently underway and, we hope, will lead to clinical trials in humans. The situation you describe is, unfortunately, the situation for many thousands of sickle cell sufferers in the U.S. and for many millions in Africa, the Middle East, India, the Caribbean and Central America, Brazil, and for millions of thalassemia sufferers in Asia and Oceana. I hope that you are able to endure until we can get our medicines and approach tested and approved. Thank you so much for your kind comments and support.

      Robert H. Broyles, PhD
      SCCF President

  3. wonderful

  4. Derek Smart says

    Hi All,

    Sorry for responding so late to my last submission on my daughters cure and sickle cell. I want to pass on this information again that i have not seen any signs of sickle cell problems in my daughters health since she was cured. She is not the only person who has been cured in sierra leone. I would like to help others in this way of information. I am appealing that the foundation send someone to speak with the man in question. I know what it means to be a sickler, sleepless nights, bone pain ect. i have seen it all from my daughter. I would show anyone coming all the people that this man has cured some include my friends children. I want someone to listen to me. This man even wants his medication to be tried in a lab but he needs to speak with soneone that he can trust. I am looking foreward to receiving more mails from people suffering from this disease. i have replied to several emails concerning this. Concerned organisations please contact me and lets find a way to solve this disease affecting the world. my mobile no. is 033578274. or can reach me on yahoo messanger


    • Dear Derek,
      Thank you for your messgae and report. If you can supply contact information of the man who is offering his treatment, we will communicate with him. It is unlikely that we can travel to Sierra Leone at the present time, mainly because of the cost.
      Robert H. Broyles, PhD
      SCCF President/Lead Scientist

  5. We would like to inform you of two opportunities to participate in research studies for sickle cell disease. The Phase III Trial for L-glutamine is a clinical trial for persons ages 5 with sickle cell anemia or sickle beta zero thalassemia. L-glutamine is an amino acid that may be found in the foods we eat. It is being tested to see if it can lesson the painful effects of SCD. For information, please call the SCDFC at (310) 693-0247 or send an email to is also a research study through UC San Francisco on chronic pain in adults (18 ) with SCD. This is a survey/questionnaire and each participant will receive a $20 gift card upon completion. For more information please contact Lou Ella (Kitty) Taylor, RN, CNS, PhD(c) at (510) 909-5972 or email at or you may also call (415) 476-9407.

  6. So Doctor Broyle

    Have you cracked the cure yet? And @dereck smart the man you claim has cured sickle cell why not get him out there so others can be cured! I am not saying it’s untrue as I do believe there is a cure out there but let’s not give people false hope if you have a cure come out please !

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