RocketHub Fundraiser: A Cure for Malaria & Sickle Cell Disease

[pb_vidembed title=”A Cure for Malaria & Sickle Cell Disease” caption=”” url=”” type=”yt” w=”630″ h=”350″]Imagine if you had a magic switch that would change a person’s blood to make it resistant to MALARIA.  Our lab has spent the last 15 years understanding, and creating the therapy that causes a person to produce fetal hemoglobin in place of all or part of the adult hemoglobin.  Fetal hemoglobin is a cure for Malaria and Sickle Cell Disease.  There are some adult genetic populations that still produce fetal hemoglobin.  They are very resistant to Malaria and don’t get Sickle Cell Disease.

350,000 Children die every year from sickle cell disease and at least 650,000 die from Malaria.  Over 3,000 children die every day and this could be prevented if we can get our product to market.


The therapy is safe.  It’s a natural occuring hormone.  People that genetically make fetal hemoglobin live long healthy lives.

The therapy costs pennies a day.

Devastation Shall Be Overcome

Our non-profit’s goal is to make sure that everyone with Malaria or Sickle Cell Disease has access to this therapy even if they cannot pay.

Your investment will allow us to start clinical trials in India and Brasil.  Over 200,000 people die in India every year from Sickle Cell Disease and Malaria.  In Brasil, these diseases are devastating communities in the northern states.


  1. thank you for the updates and video..i am donating

  2. Thank you so much. Am ready to donate, pls send update to my email and secondly have you tested it on any sickle cell carrier?

  3. I have a patient here in Nigeria

  4. Iheanyichukwu o says

    Please is the cure out. Keep me informed. I live in Lagos Nigeria

  5. oni olaonipekun says

    How can you help me to get it pls .. My 6 years old girl has it . Pls safe her life for me

    Jon responded by e-mail.

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