SCCF Takes On Sickle Cell Disease (SCD)

Somewhere, every minute, a baby dies of SCD.

  • SCD is the most prevalent genetic disease globally.
  • SCD occurs in many nations and among many races — wherever malaria was once or is still rampant.
    • The Sickle Cell Cure Foundation has a cure for SCD.
    • The SCCF’s cure will give SCD sufferers a normal life.
    • The SCCF’s cure also provides malaria resistance.
    • The SCCF has a global plan for cure distribution.
    • The SCCF needs your help to save lives.

    What can you do?

    • Become a Sickle Cell Cure Foundation member today.
    • Donate NOW: help stop 500,000 deaths/year.
    • Pass the word to your friends and acquaintances.
    • Give generously and regularly.

    Why this cure will work worldwide…

    • The SCCF’s cure is based on the biology of our bodies.
    • The SCCF’s cure does not alter genes, is not invasive.
    • The SCCF’s cure does not rely on stem cells.
    • The SCCF’s cure uses a protein we grow up with.
    • The SCCF’s discovery gets this protein to the right cells.
    • The SCCF’s cure is stable, inexpensive, easy to deliver anywhere.
    • Other cure attempts are out of reach for most people.
    • Other cure attempts have severe side effects.
    • Current treatments are costly and incomplete.

    You can make a difference in someone’s life. Please help end the suffering.

    Mail checks to:
    Sickle Cell Cure Foundation, Inc.,
    212 ½ NW 20th St.,
    Oklahoma City, OK, 73103;
    or donate through PayPal online at .


  1. Hello,
    I have the Sickle Cell Disease and was wondering if there is a cure how can I get access to it and begin to live a healthy and normal life????

  2. Adewumi Adenike says:

    I have sickle cell diesease and i am begging u in d name of God, save my soul. This pain is too much. Pls dont let me die. How can i get access to this cure? May God help u too.

    Adewumi Adenike

    • Ok d 1st tin u hav to do is to bliv in GOD and hav faith.2ndly u hav to eat a lot of proteinious fud and den try to use blood tonic dat dosen’t contain ion.tak milk a lot eat at least 3 to 4 eggs per week.pray to GOD freqeuntly.pray to God thru sori 4 commentin nw i just noticed.drink a lot of water,hav a lot of rest stay away from stressful tins.i tink dat all i can remember.dont 4got to add faith to ur prayer.tak little or no ion.

  3. Sir/Madam,
    A dear friend of mind is suffering this disease, actually love of my life. Could you kindly let us know when the cure, therapy or medicine be available. Kindly reply ASAP

    Thank you.

  4. I have this disease. I feel like trapped in my own body. I can’t take this pain anymore. Please for God’s sake tell me the way to cure it.

    Help. please.

    • Dear Andy,
      The pain of this disease is terrible. So, I appreciate your comment because it will allow everyone one who reads this website to know how serious this is and how important our discovery is. We are working as fast as or funding allows. I ask you not to give up. I ask you to find strength in the hope that this cure represents. Please send me an email to and tell me where you are located, and tell me more about whatever treatment you are receiving. I send you my very best wishes for now.
      Robert H. Broyles, PhD
      President, SCCF

  5. Hello,
    I have the Sickle Cell Disease and was wondering if there is a cure how can I get access to it and begin to live a healthy and normal life????

  6. I understand that everyone who has SCD like myself is relatively desperate for the cure. I would like to know what steps I can take in order to get this cure as an individual living in Canada, Ontario.

    I have tried sending an email to it unfortunately did not work.

    Looking forward to your response. Thank you.



    • Dear Yaw,
      The main step you can take to make the cure available is to become a vocal advocate for everyone donating to SCCF through our website or by mail to The Sickle Cell Cure Foundation, 601 NW 13th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73103 U.S.A. I appreciate the heads-up about the email not working. We have taken steps to correct that. Please try again. If it still does not work, please email me at Thannks very much for your interest and help in getting a universal cure for this disease available to all.
      Robert H. Broyles, PhD
      President, SCCF

  7. u say there is a cure for scd. i believe so much in God and I know that with him all things are possible. pls just like everyother person wants to know, how do we go about getting this cure

    • Our treatment is being tested in animal trials now, starting this month, thanks to the donations that we have received. Next year, in 2011, we hope to start human clinical trials. If all the trials are good, as we expect, we have a plan to distribute the treatment around the world at a price almost everyone can afford.
      Robert H. Broyles, Ph.D.
      President, SCCF

  8. buyinza Norman says:

    Dear, Broyles

    Thank you for the promising news about SC D cure. A few day we tested our first born who is six months and found out that she has the disease i was so shaken to almost failing to eat . A fee being talked about will be in dollars and yet a person like myself earn below $5 a day.people in Africa will almost have limited chance to access that, therefore will there be some sponsors for some of us who are poor and want our children to servive more especially in Uganda where i come from?

    Thank you so much


    • Dear Norman,
      I sympathize with you and your six-month-old daughter who has been diagnosed with sickle cell disease (SCD). And I feel a great deal of empathy for you and all of those in Uganda and other parts of Africa who worry about the cost of our cure for SCD. In our plan for distributing this treatment, we have kept the cost very low, about $120 per year (4 treatments of $30 each) or about $0.33 per day, which amounts to a little over $2 a week. That is about 10% of your total income if you had to pay it all. But, it is also in our plan to get other NGO non-profits and also governments to help pay these costs. Therefore, my hope is that this treatment will cost you very little. The costs and how they will be distributed world-wide may be found in our Business Plan (e.g., BP Abridged 08-19-08.pdf, page vi) under the Corporate Partners tab on the Home page of this website. The costs in Africa will be greatly reduced by subsidies from sales in Europe, North America, and elsewhere. The goal is to make this treatment universally available and universally affordable.

      All the best to you and your daughter,
      Robert H.Broyles, Ph.D.
      President, SCCF

  9. Eduardo says:

    “Give generously and regularly”…I have just loved that sentence.

    I really would like to know what this miraculus cure is about . In the United States ther are thousands of siclke cell communities, everyone is running for its unique cure…no one works together.

    Do you know there is a medicene called Nicosan for this treatment ? Why do not you work with these persons taht are trying to get back this medicament back to the US ?

    There is also The Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute, running for onother treatment and it is in Trial 3 fase, testing L-Glutamine for siclke cell treatment. it`s cost will be really too much, but I am talking about that persons who are trying to discover a treatment they give the facts, the actual results and so on….

    yo just say “Give generously and regularly”…? – I really would like to know what your investigation is about ? who supports it ? and what is it about ?

  10. Suzan Brown says:

    Hello, My sister has been cured from sickle cell disease. She went through a bone marrow transplant. As a family, we spoke to a family whose daughter survived sickle cell disease after undergoing a bone marrow transplant. Please visit her web site at:

    • Dear Suzan Brown,
      I am very happy to hear that your sister has been cured of sickle cell disease with a bone marrow transplant. So far, a bone marrow or stem cell transplant is the only known way to cure SCD. The problem with this cure is that very few people with sickle cell have that procedure available to them – because very few have a closely matched donor for the bone marrow, because it is very expensive and few have a way to pay, and because it requires a major medical center or very good hospital to carry out this complicated procedure. The cure they we are working on, which is in trials in mice right now and we hope will be in clinical trials in humans within the year, is affordable by almost everyone and is easy to deliver and noninvasive. We believe that our approach will be the best way to reach the millions who need help but cannot have a bone marrow transplant.
      All the best,
      Robert H. Broyles, PhD
      SCCF President

  11. I’m really thrilled a cure has been found. I hope this is not just going to raise our hopes but is the real deal. Is it a maintenance drug or a cure? As in will the medication cure the disease where you stop taking the medication or do have to keep taking the medication to stay symptom free?

    • Dear Angela,
      I apologize for being so long in answering. Thank you for your message. We are a research foundation; and this is the first year in our 4 1/2-year existance that our research has received significant funding, thanks to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. So, I have been spending most of my time in the lab. Our animal trials in mice got underway November 1, 2010. We hope to start clinical trials in humans with sickle cell within this year (2011). Thank you for your interest and I hope that we can get our treatments available to you as soon as possible.
      Robert H. Broyles, PhD
      SCCF President

  12. For the love of Mary, Joseph and Jesus please tell us what the cure is, the pain is too excruciating. Some of us will not be around in the years it takes for FDA approval. Common if it was me I would share with you also, you can still make a lot of money off the solution if you share it with us. Please don’t be this way. Please will you share it? I will offer myself up for human trials of this right away. I mean what do I have to lose, I will be dead soon without it anyways. Please, will you do it?

    • Dear Mike,
      We are not doing this to make a lot of money. Our goal is to get a universal cure to as many as possible, as inexpensively as possible. We are nonprofit research foundation. We must go through animal trials and human clinical trials to make sure the treatment works in living persons and is safe to give. The worst thing that could happen for sickle cell sufferers around the world would be to hurry without these tests and have people dying because of the treament. Then it would be stopped forever or at least delayed many more years than it will take to do it right. Thanks to a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the animal trials in mice are underway. We hope to get additional funding and begin the human trials in the U.S., England, France, Africa and elsewhere by the end of 2011. I really hope that you are somewhere where you can get good medical care until something better like our cure is available.
      Robert H. Broyles, PhD
      SCCF President

  13. Dear Dr,
    i have just receive the result saying that my 5month little girl hsa sickle anemia.
    wish you will find a cure quikly!
    I am in Mozambique and willing to by the cure for my sweet angel.
    please let me know when you have the cure.

    • Dear Rachel,
      I wish you and your 5-month old daughter the best. Please write about the conditions you face for medical treatment in Mozambique. And check this website often for our progress.
      Robert H. Broyles, PhD
      President, SCCF

  14. iam a kenyan with two children suffering from sickle cell anaemia please help me find a cure for them please

  15. Halo, my name is Awichu and i live in San Diego California. i have afriend in Uganda East Africa and she has a boy with sickle cell but she is looking for the way she can get medical treatment or bone marrow transplant. i will be so greatfull if their is any answer i can give my friend. and if there is anyway we can get same one to help her with cost, it will be so great.
    God bless you in all

  16. Dear Dr. Broyles,
    I am a sickle cell thalassemia sufferer who has been blessed (or cursed, depending on your perspective) to have survived for 59 years, one month and two days. I can understand that you cannot divulge everything that you are doing to develop this cure, for a variety of reasons. However, is it possible that you could give us an overview of what your cure involves (e.g. short and long-term procedures, medications, etc.), and what quality of life one might expect after taking the “cure”? Also, do you expect this cure will be effective for individuals my age, or will it be age dependent?
    Thank you.

  17. Will Smith says:

    Dr. Broyles,
    I’ve been browsing your site and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation site, and I noted that your proposal–“Malaria Stopped by a Human Protein Therapeutic.”–targets malaria resistance. Hopefully a portion of the grant can be used for sickle cell trials as well.

  18. Broysler Broysler Broysler. Oh I wish you knew what hope you have given to so many people. Pls I beg you in Gods name to keep up the good work and the good Lord will continue to uphold you for the sake of so many sicklers today. You will succeed with this cure in Jesus name Amen. This is April, pls how far. Have you started with the human trials yet… the pain my baby goes thru each crises that comes is killing me and gradually sending me to an early grave. I dont know how much longer I can take the pain anymore. Pls God HELP. We can not afford transplant even if there is a donor. Almost everyday i check your site and watch the t/v hoping to hear the breaking news. Pls God do something. My baby MUST NOT DIE

    • Dear Chinma,
      Thank you so much for your comment, your story, your encouragement. We are currently doing trials in animals and hope to start human clinical trials in 2012.
      I wish you and your baby all the best,
      Robert H. Broyles, PhD
      SCCF President/Lead Scientist


    • Dear Mujeeb,
      Thank you for your comment. Your story is all too familiar to all who know or have sickle cell disease. We hope to get out treatment into clinical trials starting in mid-2012.
      All the best,
      Robert H. Broyles, PhD
      SCCF President/Lead Scientist

      • It is indeed a great recesrah and a good effort towards mankind. I have seen that patients of Thalesemia are general poor/lower middle class people who cannot afford the costly treatment. One request is that the people who contact for the treatment should be responded on merit and at the earliest as well.Once again a great effort. Well done! Allah will give them Jaza in both the lives; here and hereinafter. Insha Allah

  20. I have been keeping close watch on this very subject and wanting to know more about all the studies and what it might take and what might I have to do in order to recieve such a cure.I know a few people right along as myself need a cure for such a horrible disease when you get this message please respond back!!

    • Dear Dewayne,
      We will keep our progress posted on this website and let everyone know when and where clinical trials will start. We anticipate starting the first clinical trials in mid-2012. The pre-clinical trials in mice are going well.
      Meanwhile, I wish you all the best.
      Robert H. Broyles, PhD
      SCCF President/Lead Scientist

  21. Hi Dr Broylesr,

    I am glad to learn about the leaps and bounds you are making in trying to get a cure for malaria. I am an active medical Dr in Uganda, currently living and working in Public Health – in Canada. I am affiliated to a hospital in Uganda and I believe I am strategically located to help in the clinical trials and therapeutic stages when they commence. I will be honored to share my knowledge & perspective in mitigating the the impact of SCD on individuals, families, communities and in indeed nationally and globally.

    Keep up the good work.
    NB: I noticed you shifted the timeliness, I am glad you are still pursuing the research.

    Dr John

  22. Attention sir,

    first of all i want to thank you for your help to human kind and also i just discover yesterday that my daughter of 9years and 11 months old is sickle cell, so please tell me what to do.

  23. Attention sir,

    first of all i want to thank you for your help to human kind and also i just discover yesterday that my daughter of 9years and 11 months old is sickle cell, so please tell me what to do

  24. aah foundation says:

    AAhfoundaton,is so happy to hear that there is a cure for this debilitating disease and want know when and where we can actually get this drug.we would love to partner with you to see that the drug get to Africa.

  25. If you were not a serious ORG, u wouldn’t get a grant from the GATE’S foundation. But, ur promise is too loud n too far apart (how many would have died b4 the cure u said is available, becomes available?)
    think along with the sufferers n be definate so that we don’t get disappointed in the end or hope in vain.
    Thanks allthesame for the wonderful job.

  26. Hi My daughter is 32 has just been diagnosed with SCD. What medications can she take and will my son who is 30 have the disease as well. Also will my daughter’s children have the disease.
    Thank you

    • broylesr says:

      Dear Eve,
      I am sorry to hear about your daughter. Your son should be tested – that is the only way that you will know for sure whether he has SCD, whether he is a carrier (one sickle gene, one normal gene), or whether he has no sickle trait at all. It is unusual for someone to not be diagnosed until she/he is in their thirties. Your doctor is the only one who should advise you on medications. I hope that good medical care is available where you are.
      All the best,
      Robert H. Broyles, PhD
      President, SCCF
      p.s. Your daughter and marriage: It will depend upon whom your daughter marries – if she maries a person who does not have either sickle trait or SCD, all their children will be “trait” and have a normal life. If she marries someone with trait, each child will have a 50% chance of inheriting SCD. And if she marries someone with SCD, each child they have together will have SCD (100% chance).

  27. Hello,

    Do you still examing the new curement?

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