Working Relationships with EpimedX, LLC

The Sickle Cell Cure Foundation (SCCF) has a strong working relationship with EpimedX, LLC, a biotechnology company formed in collaboration with the SCCF to bring our treatment into clinical use worldwide.

  • The SCCF leases the space and owns the laboratory equipment where scientific research for the treatment is sickle-cell disease is conducted. EpimedX has the funding and additional cooperative relationships to keep moving the research along and transforming the research into practice.
  • All experiments for the preclinical studies in animals are performed using SCCF equipment, except when outsourced to accredited animal facilities, or particular analytical tasks beyond the scope possible in the SCCF laboratory.
  • Legal documents define how the non-profit (SCCF), and the for-profit (EpimedX) institutions will (a) properly compensate the SCCF from the eventual profits by EpimedX, and (b) allow continued basic research by the SCCF into the treatment of sickle-cell disease.

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