A cure for sickle cell disease from our own bodies…

We are very proud to announce major progress in the search for a cure for sickle cell disease (SCD), the first genetic disease to be understood and a major disease that kills an estimated half-million people world-wide each year. As high as one in every four black persons in certain parts of Africa carries the sickle cell gene. In the United States the incidence is 1 in 12 for African Americans, and approximately 78,000 have SCD. Dr. Robert H. Broyles, a medical school professor and researcher in Oklahoma City, has discovered a protein that is grown in our own bodies that will silence the sickle cell gene and activate a normal gene in its place. Unlike current treatments that are only partially effective or treat the damage caused by SCD, this cure is very specific for the cause, easy to deliver, and beneficial to the whole body. We are working to get this treatment through safety trials and into the clinics where it will be available to all who have sickle cell disease. Our vision is a global one: our goal is to get this cure to each of the millions of people world-wide who have SCD and/or Beta-Thalassemia.


  1. agbobelle ruth bessem says

    am a sickler in africa precisely Cameroon, will i ever have this cure because i am giving up, am tied of pains,will africans ever be able to affort this cure please give me hopes to live am approaching 21 please tell me something

    • Adam Payne says

      This cure will be made available to everyone.

      We are a non-profit organization. Our goal is to make sure anyone who needs this will have access.

      Hang on. We feel your pain – this is what keeps us working.

  2. Fedson Tella says

    This is encouraging and good news as well. I lost my boy at the age of nine months and now after being blessed for the second time, got another boy who is three years of age and also suffering from sickle cell disease as well. We have been attending medical clinics at our National Hospital (MNH) in Dar es Salaam – Tanzania and still the boy is easily attacked by pneumonia frequently. It is our anticipation that your research be successful and save these innocent children. May GOD bless you and your team more abundantly and succed in your mission.

  3. Am kelvin from Lagos Nigeria.
    i long to c the cure for the SCD for a dear friend who needs it most. you said it will be out on a pre-clinical trial in mid-2012. how do people in Nigeria get this treatment and saygood bye to this long pains and tears. Am grateful to God for this discovery. await your reply and proper direction.

  4. Dear Dr.Broyles. I want to thank you for this immense work you and your team are doing for humanity. I pray for mid 2012 to be by the corner soonest. My question is this, where will people in Nigeria get this miracle drugs if okayed for use in human beings? I asked this question cos my people will hijack it and sell at a very exorbitant price if left for them to manage and distribute. My plea to you and your team is start and make sure this cure gets to the right and needy patients. Thank you and may God reward you abundantly.

  5. Dumebi Okolo says

    Dear Dr. Robert Broyles,

    First of all I’ll say a very big thank you to you and your team for the great work. This is the best news I have heard in years, it is heart warming and gives a lotta hope to mankind. May the GAOTU aid you and your team in all your undertakings in this and all other great works of us. Cao’

  6. Veronica Aor says

    Dear Dr Broyles,

    Much appreciation for the wonderful work that you are doing! Please, I have already lost one child due to this devastating disease. I have 2 others who have also been diagnosed with the same.

    When are the clinical trials on humans due to start? I havent seen any communication in 2012. I live in Kenya.

    Thanks and God bless.

  7. What is the progress on the safety trials on human beings. My 2 year old daughter is a sickler and much of the time is okay but has moments of crisis that are excruciating for her to and unbearable to us. Apart from Folic tablets, we try to keep her on fruit juices and supplement with liquid extracts from some trees ( based on experiences by others). A cure would be second blessing, the first being our daughter.

  8. Amaka cynthia izuoba says

    ..Hello,we were four my parents gave birth.am only with genotype AS.i lost two of my siblings due to sickle cell anemia…a boy and a girl….now am left with only broda…plz wuold realy desperate to help.is there anyhope???how soon will d medicine b ready.tanx

    • broylesr says

      Dear Amaka Cynthia. I am so sorry to hear about your siblings. There is hope; I am sorry that you must wait so long.

  9. Amaka cynthia izuoba says

    God bless you and your team.mid 2012. I realy need d help for my brother

  10. Sade Akintola says

    I am so grateful to you doctor for this reaerch and i pray God will use you to eradicate this disease. i am a Nigerian and i have an 18 year old boy that has suffered so much from this disease. ive been looking forward to a cure for it instead of management. please keep me informed of your progress. thank you

  11. news of a prospective cure for sickle cell is like heaven sent!i have a little girl living with the disease and she is so full of life.n da possibility of her being cured..pliz keep us posted

  12. Dr. Broyles,
    The NHLBI is encouraging non-profits to partner with Govt agencies to further research & clinical trials for SCD. See the “draft” Management of Sickle Cell Disease guideline that is open for public comment until August 31, 2012.

    See my website for more info on how to offer your comments.

    This would be a great opportunity to let them (NHLBI) know what you’re doing. They are listening to the public speak, so we must speak now. God bless you & your work.

    • Thank you, P. Allen Jones! Will do! (However, I note that, like the announcement for comment on NHLBI’s ceasing funding to all 10 Comprehensive Sickle Cell Centers, this one comes at a time when it will be easily missed by many, and it gives less that one month to reply)

      • Iheanyichukwu o says

        Please confirm if the cure scd is out as my daughter 5 is living with the disease and has already been diagnosed with high risk of stroke.

        • The cure is not out yet – still in pre-clinical trials. Where do you live? You should seek the best treatment facility in your area, as soon as possible.

  13. In desperation I found your website. I welcome this news. My daughter’s suffering is unbearable as that of many I have adopted through this dreadfull disease. I live in England, UK and hope it will be available here once it’s approved. I pray God continues to bless you with wisdom in abundance and strength to keep going. Authorities, PLEASE APPROVE THIS TRIAL. Please keep me posted. God bless you all.

  14. Yolonda Mitchell says

    I lost my brother in 1991, he was only 20 yrs old, and now my little sister suffers from SCD . She has lived to be 35 thank God, but her visits to the ER are getting more frequent, and her hospital stays are longer. She has been there for 8 days with this crisis. It scares me each time she goes in, that she might not come out, so can you please put a rush on that cure, so her children won’t have to endure the loss of their mother like we just did in January, please hurry.

  15. Good job Dr., i lost my son at the age of 4, he soffered SCD, but i have 2 daughters not yet tested, i hope the drug will be available soon for general public. God bless u and your team.

  16. Ruth Biribebe says

    Out of desperation, came across your website, am 41 years old. Giving up is not an option to me, but I sure would love to live the rest of my life without pain of this nature. May God give you the speed to complete this research.

  17. Aslm. We are in need for such drug because of our critical condition. Thanx doctor.

  18. samwel okello says

    It is encouraging i have a son 8 years with the same problem,how do i get help as to costs and where to get the doctor

    • Jonathon Scott says

      The help available depends a lot on your location. Your doctor’s office is likely to be your best source of information. For readers in the U.S., I’ll plan a short future article about how the Affordable Care Act affects sickle-cell families.

  19. Michael Gibson says

    That’s great news. i”m 56 and i don”t think i can live much longer with this terrible disease, it:s very devastating for me and the others throughout the world. If the cure is found we have a lot to be grateful for. Big respect to the people who are doing the research. I pray that God Almighty may grant us a miracle and it seem like the good Lord answer my prayer. I want to thank the doctor in advance for his time, his effort, his interest and his sincere patience. May the good God of heaven bless and keep you and give you the strength to continue doing what you are doing.

  20. wow you jus made my day,am smilling here.i got married after going for geno test cos am AS and his SS well we just realize the hospital mistake….anyways story for another day. have a four years old with sickle cell,such a brainy and focus boy,i stll thank GOD. pls am really interested for the cure,God Bless You.

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