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peer-review-group-300x199Some people have asked, “Your ‘cure’ works in theory, but does it work in practice?” The answer is, “Yes!!!” The key point is that fetal hemoglobin (HbF) has been shown to be preventive for sickle cell disease in nature, in many labs around the world, in many, many repeated experiments and patient trials over the last thirty years. The problem is that no one has figured out how to stimulate this hemoglobin switch in humans without gene therapy, a bone marrow/stem cell transplant, or use of toxic drugs – all of which are dangerous, expensive, and not available to 99.99% of the world’s sufferers. This is what we have now done: found a safe way to induce the HbF switch. We have found a natural, small, stable human protein that will produce this Hb switch (a) in a test tube, (b) in living primate and human cells, (c) in transgenic mice carrying and expressing the human H-ferritin gene, and (d) in forming red bllod cells obtained from pediatric sickle cell patients. All in all, we have performed almost 200 experiments of 50 different types/designs, each experiment replicated 2-to-10 times by 2, 3, or 5 different investigators – all consistently pointing to this same conclusion and its safety. And we have devised 4 ways to deliver this cure! Now, we need the funds to prove its safety in animals, so that we can then start human trials. We can provide the hope, the science, and the safety; you can help us get the necessary funds.

Our cure has been peer-reviewed via Publications & Patents, Grants Awarded, and invitations for International Presentations.

Publications & Patents: PDF files of a List of 25 Publications; a key paper that established the principle of the cure; and our Patent issued in the U.S., the European Union(10 countries), and Australia, are attached.

Grants Awarded: A PDF file of an NIH-form 4-page bio-sketch is attached, with the last two pages listing NIH and other nationally-competitive grants. Dr. Broyles’ curriculum vitae is also attached.

International presentations: PDF files of abstracts of nine invited, international presentations (2003 through 2009) are attached.


  1. Hi dgs,
    i have a very close friend of mine with the Sickle Cell Disease. She is undergoing regular treatment but gets a crisis about once in a couple of months, which is very disturbing for all of us.
    It has been 8 months since this last article ull have posted, can i please know what is the current status of your Gene Regulation Therapy or any other cures to sickle cell tht ull have been researching?
    Also, by when r these expected to be available to the public?
    I pray and hope for a breakthrough.

    • Dera Arjun,
      Thank you for your message. We are a research foundation; and this is the first year in our 4 1/2-year existance that our research has received significant funding, thanks to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. So, I have been spending most of my time in the lab. Our animal trials in mice got underway November 1, 2010. We hope to start clinical trials in humans with sickle cell within this year (2011). Thank you for your interest and I hope that we can get our treatments available to you as soon as possible.
      Robert H. Broyles, PhD
      SCCF President

  2. dear robert,
    how will this benefit beta thalassemia patients?

    • Dear Mariam Shah,
      Our treatment will benefit beta-thalassemia by increasing fetal hemoglobin (HbF) to 30% or more in each red blood cell, which will alleviate the globin chain imbalance and increase the lifespan of the red blood cells. Thus, the anemia will go away or be less severe and all the other complications due to damaged red blood cells shoud go away or be much decreased.
      Robert H. Broyles, PhD
      SCCF President/Lead Scientist

  3. Kola Adekoya says:

    If this remedy works, it will be God sent miracle for thousands of minorities afflicted by this “Ophan” disease.
    We have Bill and Melinda Gates to thank for their sponsorship of research into this area of oversight. Moreover, one wants to thank Dr. Broyles for his insight and resilience at finding remedy for this serious systemic disease.

  4. Kola Adekoya says:

    Hello Dr. Broyles, You mentioned that you will “start clinical trials in humans with sickle cell within this year (2011).” How far has the trials gotten?; what are the clinical trial results for SCD “SS”?; What is your opinion for the future of the cure?

  5. Dear Robert,
    I have a son with Sickle cell disease (14mons) and another son(4yrs) who is going to be the donor bone marrow transplant in April 2012. I was surfing throughout your website because I’ll be beginning (Lord’s willing) my doctoral study this January. My translational project is going to be on sickle cell disease. I am interested in your curative methodology on sickle cell anemia. My prospectus is regarding individuals lack of knowledge regarding curative measures for sickle cell disease. I postulate that if patients and families are given the education regarding curative measures and not just palliative treatment options then I believe more patients/families/communities will be more proactive in participating in curative therapy. I would like to have any information/links to access your research. My goal is to educate the community on the devastating effect of sickle cell disease and to provide hope through information regarding curative treatments for sickle cell.

    • Hi angelia, did your son do the bone marrow transplant? how is he i am in the same situation with 6yr and 2yr old,the 2yr old has ss and the 6 can be the donor though im very scared of doing the bmt. i need more material on it pls contact me!

  6. emma orem says:

    Hi, dgs
    i have 3 kids all sickle sell ,i lost one 2month ago at age of 8yrs,remaining 2, one 4yrs and the other one, 1and 3months, please sir, will it be any hope for us to live happily with kids in feture with your discovery,sir if yes when this will be,and how will reach people in lower areas.

  7. Hi, i am have SCD fortunately though enough for me i havent had crises in over 15yrs… im hoping though a cure comes along cos im underweight and i have done everything to add to my weight which is not working, then my eyes are very colored most of the times. Please how far have you gone in this trials? God bless you

  8. wale olowode says:

    Apart from funding, in what other ways can i help your research work. Presently, i am involved on collecting useful information that could serve as cure for sickle cell anaemia. Can you make the drug
    available for clinical trials on sickle cell carriers? i am a Nigerian.

  9. Am 41 years and the crisis rate is reduced.priapism is common this days and i have being expericing leg ulcers.the ulcers is reoccuring even after addicted to pentazocine because of the frequent crisis.there is also avascular necrosis of the right femur.i need a replacement surgery so i can live a meaningful life and take care of my family.doctors now have challengies to get an intravenous line except my jugular vein.please your advice is urgently needed.thanks.ADEWUMI AYODEJI,LAGOS NIGERIA

    • broylesr says:

      Dear Adewumi Ayodeji,

      I send you my best wishes. I hope that by now your doctor has proceeded with your treatment and that your are better. Your situation sounds very difficult. All one can do is try to get the best medical care available where one lives. All the best,

      Robert H. Broyles, PhD
      President, SCCF

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