Origins of Sickle Cell

Increasing fetal hemoglobin in people with homozygous sickle cell alleviates all symptoms of SCD.
The Google map shows four independent genetic origins, or haplotypes, of SCD in different regions (ellipses) and the subsequent migrations of populations (white arrows). The solid white arrow is to signify the forced migration of Western Africa peoples as slaves to the Western Hemisphere. The four haplotypes (Se = Senegal, Be = Benin, Bantu, and Arab-India) all have the sickle cell mutation in exactly the same gene location, but other genetic differences associated with the haplotypes result in differences in the severity of SCD. The Arab-India group has a second mutation that keeps a fetal hemoglobin (HbF) gene active after birth, such that HbF is up to 45% of the total Hb including sickle hemoglobin (HbS). People of the Arab-India haplotype with 30% or more HbF have no clinical manifestations of SCD, revealing that increased HbF can offer a “cure.” Decreasing HbS and increasing HbF by using gene regulation therapy is the basis of SCCF’s cure.

Globe image of Africa and Asia is copyrighted by Google Earth and is used with permission.


  1. sir janhit organization is working for welfare of the patients suffering with disease sickle cell. in my country millions of people suffering with sickle cell disorder and 5% tribal people die due sickle cell disorder and lack of improper care. india is the sovergnity country but the people living in the area of tribal is so backward they could not purchase the medicine $1 dollar.hence organization is working for cure and treatment of it .kindly provide any support to us if possible.
    thanking you

    • Dear Janhit Sansta,
      I am sorry to hear of the great suffering among India’s tribal peoples due to sickle cell disease. Thank you for sharing the description of this situation with all of us. It is our intent to make our treatment available in India for very little cost, as soon as possible after it is approved for human use. I wish you the very best,
      Robert H. Broyles, PhD
      President, SCCF

      • when will be it came in force and pls. tell me facilities centre for treatment of more thing i wish to tell you that pls start it at yavatmal district of maharashtra state (india)

        • broylesr says

          We cannot predict exactly when our treatment will be available in a specific area or country. But please know that we are working as hard and fast as we can.

    • am also a young lady suffering from SCD kindly help with some treatment. Three children out of five are suffering from this disease with a single mother.May God help us all

  2. sir as per janhit sanstha working report and study from the sickle society u.k.we found that sickle cell is an disorder of RBCs during the manufacturing of blood from bone marrow. the main cause is the mutation carry out dring protein systhesis in cell. due change in the genetic material or DNA means position of disorder on globulins this cause te sickle cell . as per demo from sickle cell society the number of cell breakdown due to restriction in circulation. it aslo affected on the circulation , respiration because cell is the fundamental units of life.

  3. Margaret Kiwanuka says

    I must thank you for working so hard to find a cure for this disease! When do you think the treatment will be available? Will it be affordable for poor people in the third world contries like Uganda?

    • sir it is dufficult to pay the treatment money . govt of india is working today on it but this facility not sufficient to prevent it .govt has no any provision for providing bllod to disease person.

    • may it be affordable so that every one suffering from it can purchase the drug. thank you for the hard work. may you be able to find a cure for all the diseases in this world.

  4. Margaret Kiwanuka says

    I must thank you for working so hard to find a cure for this disease! When do you think the treatment will be available? Will it be affordable for poor people in the third world countries like Uganda?

    • Dear Margaret Kiwanuka,
      We hope to start clinical trials in mid-2012. One of the advantages of our treatment is that the cost should be low enough for everyone to afford.
      Robert H. Broyles, PhD
      SCCF President/Lead Scientist

  5. my organization is working in multihealthcare at tribal area such as T.B.,MALARIA,HEPATITIS,HIV,AIDS,SICKLE CELL. we found that mostly healthcare counciling is require at tribal level on pregannacy and newborne as to need of the patients govt/ngo should keep strong provision for treatment at the level of pregnancy,newborne .sothat it will helps to control the future problems of health.

  6. Can an SCD patient [ss] marry an SCD patient [as] without spreading to their kids

  7. Could you tell me if you’re doing anything in countries such as the United Arab Emirates and if your organization is partnering with any other organization in this country?

    • broylesr says

      We have not yet partnered with any organizations in the United Arab Emirates, but we would like to since we are now so close to starting clinical trials.

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