Eradicating a Deadly Disease Through Science, Love and Music.

Article by Laura Jenney Of Mindsweep Entertainment & Promotions Jacksonville, FL 1-20-2010 The arrival of the year 2010 is an exciting time indeed! Not only are we embracing the beginning of a brand new year, but a brand new decade as well. It’s a time of great possibilities and full of promise. A time […]

A cure for sickle cell disease from our own bodies…

We are very proud to announce major progress in the search for a cure for sickle cell disease (SCD), the first genetic disease to be understood and a major disease that kills an estimated half-million people world-wide each year. As high as one in every four black persons in certain parts of Africa carries the […]

J.R. Perry III and his son Jameel

Jameel was born in 1999, and within 2 hours of his birth his father J.R. knew that his son would suffer from sickle cell disease. J.R. has devoted the rest of his life to raising awareness of SCD and the need for a cure. A musician, song-writer, promoter, and talk show host, J.R. Perry has […]

National Sickle Cell Month

The Sickle Cell Cure Foundation, Inc. (SCCF) has made significant progress in recent months, including a U.S. patent issued 14 April 2009, and further laboratory discoveries showing that less DREPAC is needed than previously believed to reverse sickle cell! To keep this progress going, we need your help! It is our goal to have clinical […]

About sickle cell disease…

“Everything we know about genes we learned first about the beta globin gene. Everything we know about molecular disease we first learned about sickle cell disease” Francis Collins, NIH, former Director of the Human Genome Project

Alicia and Dominick Bibbs

Alicia Bibbs, an SCCF founder & research student, is pictured with her brother Dominick who suffers from sickle cell disease and recently recovered from surgery to have his spleen and gall bladder removed.

Dr. Broyles Radio Interview

Dr. Broyles was interviewed by radio station KTOK on Easter Sunday April 12, 2009. To listen to the audio, click on the play button.

Clinical Trials

PRESS RELEASE No. 01 DATE: APRIL 2, 2009 CONTACT: ROBERT H. BROYLES, PhD E-MAIL: [escapeemail email=””] TELEPHONE : 001-405-922-5774 CURE FOR SICKLE CELL DISEASE PATENTED! U.S. RESEARCH FOUNDATION TO BEGIN CLINICAL TRIALS Scientists around the globe know that a newborn’s production of fetal red blood cells (HbF) declines soon after birth and transitions to the […]

Our Research

We have named our approach to curing sickle cell disease Gene Regulation Therapy, and the result is called a phenotypic cure. That is to say, no genes are permanently altered; instead, we use normal bodily signals to turn off the sickle cell gene and activate another gene with the same function in its place. We […]


In the United States, SCD affects primarily people of African descent. But this pattern of prevalence is changing, with increasing numbers with SCD being found among Hispanics, Native Americans and Caucasians. SCD affects a large percentage of people in Central America as well as significant numbers in the Carribean and in South American countries such […]